Stand Number: EH442

BODUM® was founded in 1944 by Peter Bodum. He was born in 1910, in a small Danish town called Haderslev. Occupied since 1864, there was no way for him to know if his town would remain occupied for the rest of his days as it was for many of his family members. Luckily for him, he was fortunate enough to obtain an import license. He had little money and also discovered that there was scarce availability of products. He imported everything he could get hold of from the UK, Germany and surrounding countries. Due to this lack of availability, he soon decided to produce items on his own. The first of which was the vacuum coffee maker MOCCA. The second was the SANTOS (now renamed PEBO in his honour) which is still a celebrated item in our collection today. PEBO is the product that not only changed the company but the way every Scandinavian household drank coffee.
BODUM®, together with its’ design team, has developed many products. As our core, we will always remain focused on coffee and have since also expanded our range into a broad kitchen collection which includes our award winning e.bodum electric collection. E-bodum offers the must have items such as energy efficient water kettles and grinders to complete your coffee brewing process and well as other well designed small kitchen appliances. What you will not find in the collection is a capsule or any type of ‘ready-made conveniences'. Sure it’s quick and easy but far from a fresh cup of coffee or tea. We have always remained committed to our roots and core values. This is why we are so heavily focused on manufacturing more and more products ourselves. Our factory BODUM Portuguesa allows us to control our entire product development cycle and make certain that not only is our product quality top notch but so are conditions for both the factory workers as well as our environment.